John G
Thank you for your excellent fast service, after knee replacement surgery these steps are a blessing for my wife. She can now going in and out of our Motorhome with an outside handrail and be so much more secure. Thank you again

Connie M
The stairs are AWESOME! My sister loves them! They make climbing into her travel trailer a much less difficult task. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

GREAT invention! I just bought a set of stairs as a gift for my sister. She is very short with bad knees. Her husband had to assist her each time she wanted to enter or exit their travel trailer. The stairs are WONDERFUL! They are considering adding a deck for next years travel adventures. Gary made and delivered the steps quickly and of high quality. Thank you so much! I will be purchasing stairs and a deck for my personal use too!

Saundy R

My husband and I just purchased an RV for full timing. We could not have done this if not for Gary's invention!. We both have knee replacements and his steps and deck are perfect for us to go in and out. It makes it so safe and easy, unlike the regular manufacturer's steps. Thanks, Gary for your hard work and smart thinking!

Lee M
Pretty keen.

Roger Leon F
Sirs, I would like to thank you for your great service and the wonderful steps for our RV, my wife loves them and they are really easy to set up and use. The workmen ship is wonderful and I am sure they will last us a long time. If you ever have a customer who needs to information about them or referral please feel free to use my name and email. Again thank you.

Rex R, Woodcarver. Retired and Loving It!
I am still in awe of this step/deck, wonderful job of designing. Can you please give me a price on adding one more handrail? We really enjoyed visiting with you and your wife yesterday, wish we could have visited longer -- IN GOD WE TRUST--GOD BLESS AMERICA! MOTTO ("Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.") Have A Wonderful Day

Monte B
I recently purchased your Port-A-Steps and happy to let you know that we really like them. They are everything that your documentation and video says they are. Keep up the good work.

Don B
Hi Gary The stairs arrived today and the look just great!!!

That deck worked great! We had it 36" on the legs and that left us only about a 12" step into the camper. You can see our camper with the basement sits very tall on the truck making normal stairs a real chore. Here are some pics. They are camping pics, so not staged, but if you want to use them on your site feel free. Or if you want a testimonial written, let me know. Also, there is a picture of how we attached our stairs. Your stairs must be wider, but we put one side in the hook part and just ran a couple bolts to keep it secure, works good. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for getting this done in time for our camping trip. It made the biggest difference!

I am sorry, I was not on the page with the tabs. I have it now and will get measurements, thank you so much, these are phenomenal!

Kristin S
We love our port-a-deck! It has been a true blessing for my mom and I and for my 13yr old lab who would not be able to get in our 5th wheel without it! It makes a great place to attach the dogs tie-outs and put a water bowl in the shade too! :) Thank you thank you thank you!

Carol C
Hi Gary, We received the Port-a-Step on Monday. We unpacked it and was able to test it. We are very impressed with the quality of the step and are anxious to use it on our next trip! We are leaving in a week for an extended vacation and will be able to test it thoroughly. We will be attending the Forest River Homeowner's Group (FROG) Rally in Elkhart, IN August 3-9 and feel certain these steps will generate a lot of interest with especially the older owners. There are reservations for the owners of over 460 units to attend the camping experience. We will definitely share your information! Sincerely,

Jeff B
Thank you kindly Gary; it was a pleasure doing business with you and I will refer others whenever possible. Best regards,

Sam and Kathy
Gary, Our steps we order arrived today. They are easy to assemble and install in about 10 minutes. It works great and is very structurally sound. Thank you,

Greg B
Hi Gary, Just to let you know we're loving our added Port-A-Deck (we're thinking about adding two more!). Also, I gave your number and email to another three people this week. So you should be getting some new business headed your way. Happy New Year. Greg B

Gary - arrived and is perfect! This will be a real help for my brother-in-law with Parkinson's. Thank you so much!

Hi Gary, The steps arrived this week. We had bought a 1-Ton Dodge, dually, 4X4, V10 with 52000 one owner miles on it. We had to raise the trailer up high in order to pull level, with a gooseneck hitch. I have enclosed a picture of the steps on the trailer - Perfect height! The workmanship and material are are impressive. The steps will make our camping trips much safer, as the risk of falling is greatly minimized. Thank you for making available such a fine product available. Happy camping, 
Gary: Received Porta-steps in BR just fine, shipping box had a couple small holes in it, no damage to the product. Thanks for getting those out for us. Pic of the Happy Camper with cable lock on steps

Hi Gary, got my port a deck and I love it however it took a while for my dogs to walk on it they are used to carpet so I had to put a rug down to funny, I love it thank you so much. 

I received the steps. They look to be very good quality and we are looking forward to trying them out. Thanks

Jerry C
Gary, Thank you so much. I got home from work today to find your steps in my back yard.... AWESOME. I took a video of the "unboxing" and I'll put it on Youtube later today or tomorrow to show how these work. I think they're awesome. Thanks again for making such an awesome product. Sincerely, 
HI Gary!!! These steps are awesome!! Here is my link to the video, I'm going to do another one to show it in use also.
We used the steps this past weekend, although it rained all weekend... those steps are what you say, very aggressive tread.... no slipping at all. When I have the other video done I'll sent it your way also. Thanks again for a great product. Regards, 

Hi. Everything came. Set up the small one. The large one will get set up on September 8th when we get back to our trailer. This one fits perfectly. Couldn't be a hair larger for the door to open. Can't fit a rug under the door. It's that close! I love it but my knee loves it even more!!!! Thank you soooo much for going the extra mile and making this one. I really appreciate it!!!!!! 

Ken M
Your steps are great. Thank you. When we get to Az. And people see them maybe we can send more work your way.

 if you are the wonderful guy my sweetheart husband (Johnny Martin)got our new steps from last week I just want to say thank you thank you thank you.we have showed them off to our good sam club and now to the dealer we got our rv from.i hope you saw our post on rv tips and 5th wheeling on facebook telling everyone how great they are.i told everyone my icemaker has been my favorite add on for years but it has been replaced in the number 1 spot as cannt do without in less than a week.

Virginia and Joe W
Hi Gary We fixed the problem, had to shave the inside a little and pulled out the screw. It now goes in. We are very pleased with the steps and deck. My beagle now has no problem going up the steps and me too. My DH posted it on the RV 5 th wheel and I will post in the Living the RV dream. Hope you get tons of orders. Have you thought of going on the Shark Tank? If you do watch out for Mr. Wonderful he's not so wonderful! LOL. We enjoy watching it. Thanks again

Bob T
Hi Gary, just wanted to thank you and your guys for an excellent product and friendly visit. Did you know you can sell on Facebook, might be an easy and affordable way to get your product noticed. I seen it on RV SHARE on Facebook but wasn't really a good representation. I would like to help spread the word for you. Thanks again, we can't say enough of how much we love the steps. Keep up the good work. Oh by the way we also love North Shore Landing and probably be one of our regular stops in Texas, thanks for the recommendation

Mark C
Got it today when we got home from Missouri. Steps look great on our rig.
Larry S 
Hi Gary, Just wanted to let you know that I received the Port A Step this morning. I did try them out on the Travel trailer and it does work as advertised and better than what I expected. I just wanted you to know what a great product you have and thanks to you and your company I can do the things I always wanted to do but had a very difficult in time doing them. If you do have any Business Cards for your products I would be glad to hand them out to other people that are interested after seeing what I have. Thanks again,

Rec'd steps. Put them up. They work great ! ! Thanks.

Yes that is true about it being her first time using it. And you can represent it as a great way for those with limited mobility to climb in and out of their RVs. You are welcome to use the video as such. We thank you for developing a product that helps our daughter (and the rest of us as well) to enter and exit the camper much easier than with the regular steps. Take care,

Terry & Janet B
Gary, Here's our new deck setup for Xmas. Several inquiries at this RV Park already. Great product!

Anna P
I love these so much! Should have gotten them a LONG time ago. Our little guy now goes up and down the stairs! That by itself is worth double the cost of these. But we love them for us too. 
Best investment we have made. Should have bought them a long time ago.

Kathleen A
We have the steps and LOVE them! Plan on getting the deck and leaving it at our coach house lot when traveling. The fold up deck will be a lot easier to store when we're gone than the heavy wooden mobile home steps we now have.

Dorothy Kehtel S
We love ours! And so do our dogs! I missed the post about these getting stolen. Where did that happen?

Nelson Y
Yes worth to money!!!!!!!! Like reg office steps easy to walk up and down,,,we both have bad knees,,,,,,,

Chuck S
RV-Co... we have a set and they are great.. Gary is a great guy and builds a great product.

Joe W
We really enjoy ours, much easier for DW and the old beagle to climb. These are compact, if you don't have space in the basement you can put them in the bed of the truck or inside the RV. My wife has set them up by herself and if she can do it anyone can! Lol

Jenness  W
Mine (pictured above this) is just platform and steps...very easy to set up and take down, at first my husband was...just one more thing to haul around, now he thinks they are great, he called them old people's steps, now he calls them smart people's steps..steps are closers together, and I love the 24x24 platform on top, I'm short so they have really made my life easier and safer


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